Wheel Loader


As an outstanding representative of the industry's super-heavy-duty models, LW300KN boasts remarkable advantages in terms of “High energy-conservation, efficiency, reliability, and comfort” compared with industry's like products and is extensively applicable for earthmoving projects, aggregate yards, municipal constructions, and other bulk material transports

Performance Characteristics

  • XCMG's exclusive energy-conservation technology - The perfect combination between XCMG's patented energy-conservation drive system and low speed energy-conservation engine builds the one and only 3t energy-conservation products in the industry, with the economy superior by >10% to the industry's like products.
  • XCMG’s patented lubrication technology - The transmission is applied with the XCMG's patented optimal lubrication system design technology to thoroughly improve the industry's difficulties of insufficient and non-uniform transmission lubricants and make the transmission life remarkably leading the industry.
  • XCMG's patented high strength frame - With the application of the XCMG's exclusive high strength single plate beam skeleton structure, the “load-carrying material ratio” remarkably leads the industry products.
  • XCMG's unique structure design - The extended wheelbase and the classic 3rd generation loader structure realize higher working capacity, smaller turning radius, and lower wear of rear wheels.