Hydraulic Excavator


XE370CA is the most popular model of China 40t excavator. Now XE370CA is upgrading to a new model equipped with EURO III engine with electric injector. The new model will have high performance . As a model featuring strong power, excellent energy saving, outstanding environmental protection and strong durability, etc., and especially suitable for earthwork engineering, mines, tunnels and other harsh construction environment,the XE370CA hydraulic excavator has adopted advanced design and manufacturing methods and the latest standards in accordance with the product design concept of “high efficiency, excellent energy saving and outstanding environmental protection”, and the ultimate target of “powerful functions, wide scope of applications and creation of more value for customers”.

Performance Characteristics

  • The ISUZU engine with point-type fuel injection technology provides strong power
  • The negative flow control system with double-pump confluency realizes efficient operating
  • Smart electronic control system can achieve dynamic balance of power and hydraulic system
  • Different boom, arm and bucket combinations to maximize utilization of different conditions
  • Multi-functional machine system meets various job requirements such as digging, crushing, and thumb clamp
  • ESS microcomputer power control system maintains the best efficiency and economy
  • High-performance silicone oil shock absorbers improve comfort.
  • Air Conditioner and Heater ensure the appropriate temperature
  • Integrated control panel and large display screen provide multiple information