Wheel Loader


XCMG LW300KN is a classic high-end loader from XCMG, which is famous for its superior performance and adaptability. With the features of maturity and reliability of the old model, LW300KN is improved all round, and leads in the same kind of product. The machine features high efficiency, strong power, long service life and comfortability, and is applicable to various conditions. Great strength Tilt cylinder bore of 160mm, enlarge the boom cylinder bore from 110mm to 125mm, and increase the boom lifting force by 29%.

Performance Characteristics

  • High Efficiency, energy-saving and powerful.
  • Three-—element torque converter and dead—axle power shift gearbox, featuring maturity and excellent reliability.
  • 2,600mm wheelbase, delicate and flexible, applicable to various sites.
  • Bucket made of high-strength material, resistant to wear and impact.
  • Multiple configurations and complete work tools, adaptable to construction requirements of diversified areas and working conditions.
  • Optional air conditioner and sound insulation & noise reduction for elaborate and comfortable operation environment.
  • Prominent capacity, with traction force = 9.0t and breakout force = 12.0t.
  • Delicate and flexible with a turn radius of 5,160mm (tire center).